Free Bodybuilding Videos

"I've been training so long, its second nature to push myself to the limit."
- Ronnie Coleman

Free Bodybuilding Videos has put together a great collection of bodybuilding clips. The videos are intended for bodybuilding fans, bodybuilders who are looking for bodybuilding tips or anyone else who wants to see videos on bodybuilding training, bodybuilding diet, bodybuilding supplements or just the limits of the physical body.

The website is divided in different sections: Bodybuilders is dedicated to the big shots in this sports. You will see tributes to legendary bodybuilders, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, Gunther Schlierkamp, Markus Ruhl etc.

Plus we will also have videos of newcomers and unbelievable muscle monsters.

Bodybuilding contest will show you footage of current and past bodybuilding events and backstage footage. Pro Shows, Amateur shows, natural bodybuilding etc. whatever we find is of interest to you. Just look at the backstage footage of the Europe IFBB and NPC competition in 2007. Great stuff!

The training section will include bodybuilding routines, exercise and workout videos, motivational tips, and pre-contest preparation. We will also include a section about bodybuilding equipment.

Women bodybuilding has created a big buzz in the last few years. This includes footage of fitness models and top female bodybuilders. We will also cover the basic of nutrition, motivation and training specifically for women. Of course you don't want to miss out on that.

Previews of four new DVDs from the 2007 Europa IFBB and NPC bodybuilding competition August 10-11, 2007. These DVDs are available now at

The bodybuilding diet section will cover different diets,like low carb diets, mass gain diets, fasting, protein carb ratios, vegan diet, pre and post workout nutrition, basics about sugar, salt, hydration and recipes.

We will let pros talk about their own success with bodybuilding nutrition and will give tips on how to achieve your nutritional goal.

Bodybuilding supplements play a huge factor in this sport and therefore we dedicate a whole section to this topic. A lot of products have been hyped up, some products might not be that good for your body and others might be outright dangerous.

We will cover information about that and will show you how a proper supplement regime can help you to achieve long lasting effects. Keep up the good work!

And then we also going to have a section about bodybuilding beginners, what you need to know about this sport, how to prevent injury, proper bodybuilding techniques and body building poses.

I have even included one page with bloopers in connection with bodybuilding and weight lifting, because I know how important a laugh after an intense training.

I am an exercise physiologist and personal trainer for the last 15 years and hope that this website will give you insight and show you how others are dealing with the challenges that come with bodybuilding. I think videos are great for motivation and inspiration and I hope that you find there what you are looking for.

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